Posted by: Chris Sandel | October 23, 2008

New Greeting Cards

One semester each year I teach an abstinence class for the 8th grade boys at SCS.  There are always memorable moments in the class but by far the strangest day is our annual STD day featuring 18 not-so-lovely illustrative slides.  Well today was the day and, as usual, the boys were significantly grossed out.  (Next week, STD quiz week, often brings some great stories as well so stay tuned.)

Coincidentally, I came across this CNN story about a new phenomenon through a blog I occasionally peruse, Neatorama.  Apparently a new website, allows people to send eCards to previous sexual partners letting them know that they may have an STD.  I’ve seen all kinds of crazy greeting cards but this is crazy (and sad).  I guess this is inevitable in a place where 1 in 4 teenagers gets an STD each year

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