Posted by: Chris Sandel | October 20, 2008

Pizza, Pizza!

To continue on yesterday’s food/eating thoughts…

The summer before (or maybe after…who remembers) my sophomore year in high school I flew to Atlanta to visit a friend of my from middle school named Suman.  While we were there we took the bus/subway for about an hour to get to this all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.  On the way, we got bored on the bus so I started some trash talk with Suman and his brother to liven things up.  I challenged them to an eating contest.  If I remember correctly, I told them that if they ate more than me I’d give them $5 and if they ate more than 15 pieces and ate more than me I’d give them $10.  (Don’t gamble kids.)  

Back in high school I could really pack it away so when we got there we jumped right in.  My friend Suman stopped at like 12 pieces…just sad really.  His older brother and I went at it though.  When we got to 20 pieces he stopped and said he’d wait for me to see how many I got to so he knew how many he’d have to eat.  So I kept going.  And going.  Slowly.  Going.  By the time I hit 23 pieces of pizza his brother had mercy and told me that he was just kidding.  He wasn’t planning to eat any more.  At which point I went directly to the bathroom. 

I’ve never been drunk.  I’ve generally stayed away from alcohol (plus I think it tastes pretty gross…as does coffee by the way).  That night though, I’ve got to think that I had a similar feeling to being drunk.  My stomach was so full that I was having trouble breathing.  I still remember sitting on that pizza parlor toilet praying God and promising that I’d never do that again.  That was a rough night.

I can’t even imagine how this guy might have felt.  Fourty-five slices in ten minutes.  Holy crap!  (pun intended). 

Plus, here’s some more fun facts about competitive eating. 

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