Posted by: Chris Sandel | October 20, 2008


During my 8th and 10th grade years I played on the Urbana Tigers football team.  I really wasn’t very good but our team wasn’t very good either so it worked out alright.  One of the things I still remember is blocking on kickoffs and long plays.  It was all about angles and I never seemed to know the right place to go (or it might have been that I was just too slow to get there).  The guy in this video certainly didn’t have that problem.  It is rare to be that impressed by a block but that is probably the most impressive block I’ve ever seen.  Strong work!

Just for some laughs, here is high school football Chris.  Enjoy!  (Don’t be fooled by the “Future Pro” label.  It sounds good but it’s just a fancy title.  They gave that to everybody.)


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