Posted by: Chris Sandel | October 15, 2008

Baby Sandel

I know the blog has been over run with baby stuff the last couple of days.  There are a few more pictures on Baby Sandel’s blog now (link).  I’ll try to keep more of the baby stuff there (but no promises).


  1. Thanks for the link. Grandma hasn’t been keeping up with Baby Sandel as a video star, but I am now.

    I am already in love. He keeps waving at me and you all think it is random or for you. You will see later on that we are already bonded!

    The miracle of life, how can we deny intelligent design? The complexity of the human machine; chemical impulses, flexing and contractions of muscles, reasoned responses all wrapped up in a wonderfully smelling, tactile, cuddle machine. The poet said he couldn’t make anything as beautiful as a tree. Even at this time of year when they are showing off their spectacular colors, those trees can’t compare with the crown of creation.

    This is the greatest adventure of life, joining God in the creation process. What a gift!!!


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