Posted by: Chris Sandel | October 14, 2008

Baby Sandel is a…

There were many signs pointing to us having a girl.  The Chinese conception chart said girl.  Most of the people we talked to said girl.  My Girl was even playing in the lobby at the doctors office.  But I wouldn’t believe any of it until we saw for sure.  And the truth is…in the video so watch away.

Disclaimer: My wife wishes to make it clear that I am the weirdo who thought up this video.  I hereby take all responsibility and accept any weird replies on my own.  (Though she did kind of laugh when she saw it.)


  1. YAY!!! Congrats!!!

  2. […] sure was a lot going on yesterday.  Someone pushed me all over the place and now I hear there is a weird video that has hit the net.  Beyond that, there may have been some compromising pictures taken.  I’m not sure what the […]

  3. oh, Chris… I think it’s a good thing that it IS a boy, because if it were a girl, I think she would have killed you when she got older! (Cute video, but really, it makes you think… it’s really only okay to point out gender defining anatomy once in the life cycle of any human being 🙂 )

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