Posted by: Chris Sandel | October 7, 2008

Missing Underpants

Last year at West Side we had something called A Different Kind of Christmas where we encouraged our people to cut back on their Christmas spending in order to give back to others, primarily through an offering for Bondeni, our adopted community in Kenya.

Our ministry staff recently sat down to brainstorm what we might be able to do this year.  People just threw out whatever crazy ideas they could think of.  Someone mentioned that underwear is something that people, especially children, often can’t afford.  I agree with that but I’ve also found that the problem is actually so much bigger than just needy children.  I don’t know if you’ve looked around lately but there are millions of squirrels out there who don’t have access to underwear of any kind.  I recently ran accross this website that is trying to help put an end to this crisis.

(note: I don’t mean to make light of any real problems or of poverty in general.  I just needed a tie in for this funny website so don’t be offended.)

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