Posted by: Chris Sandel | September 24, 2008


Ah the bellyflop.  A classic.  There are many great things you can do off a diving board but none can match the glory of a well executed bellyflop.  Every year at camp we have a contest and we get some great ones.  It is often hard to tell who the kids are who will be able to just let go and take it full on.  It is an awe inspiring site when they do though.  I can do a pretty good bellyflop if I do say so myself but I generally save them for once or twice a year on special occasions (i.e. when there are a bunch of Jr. High students around).

As far as bellyflops go, this one is pretty impressive.  Not great on splash but the form and the sheer drama of a 35 foot drop into 12 inches of water (a world record) is tough to beat.


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