Posted by: Chris Sandel | September 20, 2008

Names Around the World

This is a pretty cool little site.  It is called the World Names Profiler.  You just type in your last name and they show you a graphic representation of where you name is most common.  You can also zoom in by region and even see counties within your state.  Apparently there aren’t any Sandels in Sangamon county (I guess I don’t count) but there are several in Logan county where my extended family lives.  Rhode Island has by far the most dense population of Sandels (lookout).  Outside of the US, KRISTIANSTADT LAN , SWEDEN has a lot of Sandels if you’re looking to go international. 



  1. okay, I find this disturbing…

    my hightest countries are new zeland and australia… mmm… wasn’t that area originally a penal colony :-/

    Then Scotland… that’s better…

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