Posted by: Chris Sandel | September 8, 2008

Time For Some Campaignin’

I’m not generally that into the political process.  I try to keep up enough to vote and make informed decisions but I’m not a CNN regular or a registered Democrat or Republican (at least I don’t think I am – I want to be open to ideas from either side).  This year though, like many millions of Americans, I am finding myself more interested.  I haven’t watched all of either convention but I did watch both acceptance speeches and at least some of both of the speeches from the famous women, old (Hillary) and new (Palin).  As I watch I have to be careful because I find myself poking holes and looking for the spin in everything that they say.  When I look at either side I can’t help but see lots of manipulation and sales tactics.  I guess that is politics. 

Living in Illinois, a normally blue state with Illinoian Obama as the nominee, there isn’t much doubt who will receive our electoral votes so we’ll probably get a pretty tame does of political ads.  Even so, we are two months out and we officially have two candidates.  The Campaignin’ is really going to pick up now.



  1. This is THE BEST! That video is the best political commentary of any I have seen.
    But I think you should put our family photos on the square dance video since you would never have been born if I hadn’t met your dad’s family taking square dance lessons! Does that make you fatally lame or what?

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