Posted by: Chris Sandel | August 22, 2008

Reservations in Heaven

A few weeks back at the Big Stuf conference with our High School students Francis Chan came and spoke about our picture of God.  We did an amazing job of illustrating a passage of Revelation that describes God on his throne and he talked about how our picture of God influences dramatically influences our prayer life.  For example, if you take the time to really picture God in all his glory, the way scripture describes Him, you’ll never again fall asleep while you pray.  That same idea has dramatically affected the way I worship.  When you’re singing a song it is impossible to sing it the same way if you picture yourself standing in front of God’s throne singing it directly to him.

So, with God’s heavenly glory in mind, I saw this website, Reserve A Spot in Heaven, recently (neatorama) and wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry.  (Spots are also available in hell but I can’t imagine the demand is nearly as high.)

Reserve A Spot In Heaven is here for the sole purpose of allowing you the opportunity to secure your spot in Heaven before it’s too late. Yes, at the moment there is plenty of room in Heaven for you and all of your loved ones, but what most individuals don’t realize is that although a large portion of this space remains vacant, spots are filling very quickly. So quick that if you don’t act now you may lose your chance at getting in. How does a future of endless suffering sound? Not so good, which is why we are here to help.

How would you feel if when the day came to travel, you had to walk up that long flight of stairs to get into the clouds? You just had a rough past couple of days and the last thing you need is to walk up an enormous flight of stairs. After you reach the top you then get stuck in a long line waiting to get through those wonderful pearly gates. Days, maybe weeks pass, and you finally arrive at the front of the line and the gatekeeper tells you that there is no more room. Dang! If you would have only reserved your spot with us, there wouldn’t have been this problem. You could have been sitting pretty with a first class ticket straight to the gates with zero waiting, but instead, you will be sent down to live an uncertain life filled with pain and anguish.

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