Posted by: Chris Sandel | August 18, 2008

Saddleback Civil Forum

I missed the Civil Forum between McCain & Obama hosted by Pastor Rick Warren the other night but I was interested to see it and I know several others that I’ve talked to are as well.  I just saw that it is now available on CNN

I also got a kick out of seeing some of the twitter posts from the Saddleback youth ministers who were at the event. 

  • Doug Fields – Standing a few feet from Obama…next to 4 secret service guys…they are very serious–but cool. McCain just arrived & he’s on next.
  • Doug Fields – On the CNN crowd shot…i’m standing behind the flag on the LHS.
  • Doug Fields – Now i’m standing by McCain’s secret service guys…older…not as friendly.
  • Doug Fields – McCain’s sound bytes r drawing big applause in republican O. County-no surprise, but he’s coming off more likeable in person than normally.
  • Kurt Johnson – Civil forum was inspiring. Both candidates did well. I was surprised at McCains quick wit and srong answers. Obama was solid as usual.

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