Posted by: Chris Sandel | August 11, 2008

Our New Logo

Five years ago I was beginning my first full school year of Jr. High minsitry at West Side and we kicked off our Jr. High ministry with the name Student Explosion.  As a part of our promotions we created a logo for our minstry that we’ve used ever since. 

After five years though, it is time for something new.  I appoached Kari, our graphic designer, recently and asked her to work on something new for us.  Beginning in September we’re going to begin using this and I’m super excited about it!



  1. Oh that one is awesome. Thanks Kara. I don’t suppose you could start using it right away…. say next week? 🙂

  2. I like it definitely fits the Explosion theme.

  3. oh. my. gosh!!! Kari is amazing! I LOVE this 🙂

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