Posted by: Chris Sandel | August 8, 2008

Olympic Openning Ceremonies

I’m heading out to an opening ceremonies party tonight.  Not that I’m super excited about watching athletes walk around a track or watching more random people dance around in funny outfits meant to stand for something totally abstract and indiscernible without the TV commentary.  But hey, anything is a good excuse for a party so why not.  We’re even bringing one of my favorite dessert/breakfast foods, Carmel Biscuit Ring Around, to fit in with the Olympic ring theme. 

In case you want a sneak peak of tonight’s ceremonies, The Big Picture, a photo blog that posts some of the most incredible pictures from around the world, has posted some pretty cool shots of the opening ceremonies.  In all of the hullabaloo about the Olympics starting I must have missed the fact that someone managed to break a hole in the space time continuum.



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  2. I am sickened that we are lending credence to this oppressive and evil regime.

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