Posted by: Chris Sandel | August 8, 2008

Insane Activities

For some reason, when blogs make lists like the 7 weirdest foods to eat or the 9 most rediculously expensive vacations, they always seem fun to read.  It is almost like a short version of some Discovery Channel TV show. 

This one is particularly cool.  It is 10 Completely Insane Activities Probably Not Covered By Insurance and it even includes video for each.  I think I’d like doing some of this stuff but I think I’m a lot less likely to now that there is a kid on the way.  For some reason I feel like there is more reason not do die now.  Funny how I need another reason but it really does seem significant.  I won’t list them all here but two that stand out to me from the list are…

I’m most likely to try: Zip Lines (since I’ve already done a tamer version of this in Mexico and it really isn’t too scary…kind of like flying) 

I’m least likely to try: Trial Style Bungee Jumping (bungie jumping is one thing but I’m not going to make it a goal to hit my head on the ground…I thought the point was not to smash your face on pavement?)

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