Posted by: Chris Sandel | August 6, 2008

Dark Night

I finally saw the movie last night.  I’ve got to be one of the last people in America to see it from the way everyone has been talking.  Melissa was out of town for the night so, even thought he’d already seen it, my good friend Josh went to see it with me.

I heard so much about it before hand that I kind of wondered if there would be a letdown.  Kyle, our Student Ministry intern, said it was his new favorite movie and when I heard his old favorites were Shawshank Redemption and Princess BrideI was intrigued (those are two of my usual top three).  After seeing it, I would certainly say that it is my favorite Batman movie and possibly my favorite superhero movie but I don’t know that it makes my top 5 or top 10 (that is a tough list to crack).  I actually thought it was wrapping up at about the 90 minute mark and I telling myself that it was going to end a little anticlimatically but then there was more of a climax so I thought it was over.  Then there was another 60 minutes of cool scenes and great action. 

In general, superhero movies aren’t my favorite but I still like them.  I feel like they often are so fake and polished that the drama and action don’t hit home as well.  This movie however doesn’t fully fit into that superhero drama, at least not as previously defined.  It is ridiculous to say that is it more realistic because it was absurd… it was Batman.  However, much of the polish that usually comes with a superhero movie was gone and you could see some small bits of reality poking through.  I was surprised at how many allusions there were to moral dilemmas, political issues, terrorism, etc.  They may not have all been intentional but the movie talked a lot about privacy vs. security, sacrifice, the value of human life and how far is to far to go to be a “hero.”

It is a little “dark” (thus the name) but that is to be expected.  Other than that, I’d give it two thumbs up.  I’d also recommend that you see it but since everyone already has, I guess I’d just add my praise to the scores of others who think it is great.

On an only vaguely connected note, here is a random video asking people to identify whether these quotes are from President Bush or Batman.  Some of them are surprisingly hard to figure out.



  1. um… lol… haven’t seen it yet 🙂

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