Posted by: Chris Sandel | August 5, 2008

Extreme Home Foreclosure

I haven’t watched it much lately but a few years ago I enjoyed the occasional episode of Extreme Home Makeover.  It is an odd combination of stories of life tragedy and hope mixed with American materialism.  You can’t help but tear up during most shows as they lead the excited family into an incredible new home but as Melissa and I would watch, we would sometimes wonder what homes like the ones on the show would do to the financial picture of the families involved. 

Well the first Extreme Home foreclosuretook place recently.  Despite the fact that they were given $250,000 (in addition to the house) for college scholarships and a home maintenance fund, they ended up taking out a $450,000 loan against the home and now they can’t pay it back and the home is going to be auctioned off.  I guess that is just one more story to add to the many stories of families loosing their homes.  Somehow though, this one seems a little more sad.


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