Posted by: Chris Sandel | August 5, 2008

A Happy Day!

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me. I got a new laptop! I knew I was getting one later this year but I thought I’d have to wait until like November. I was gone last week so when Josh, our IT director, saw me on Monday he just said he had something for me. I was kind of curious what he could have for me (though it is almost always good since I love gadgets and he is the IT guy) and when I gave him a funny look he said if I stop by his office he’d have a new laptop for me. After a little bit of setup on his part and a few minutes of moving files by me, I’m all setup. Yippie!

I’ve mentioned a few of my favorite things in life here before (Box Fans, Maggiano’s Restaurant, etc) but getting a new computer should certainly be on the list. I love starting fresh, organizing files, installing programs and making it my own. I’ve done it a few times now and I’ve pretty much got the process down but I still love it every time. It is like exploring a new place or meeting a new friend (though the later sounds a little creepy and sad).

Now I’m blogging away on a shiny new HP laptop running the oh-so-flashy Vista with some fun new personalized sidebar gadgets.

PS – Josh, you are the man! Anytime you’ve got any other new technology you don’t know what do to with, now you know who to see.

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