Posted by: Chris Sandel | July 31, 2008

Delivery Man

During college I worked at This Is It Furniture in Champaign (“where you always get a free onion!”)  If you don’t know the store from commercials, you can click on the link to get a quick look at one of their commercials.  You’ll get a kick out of it.

I did a lot of things while I was there but one of the major things I did was deliver furniture.  We had several big box trucks that we used to move furniture for people and over the years I got pretty used to driving them.  One thing you always had to be careful of though was making sure you knew the height of what you’re driving under.  One of our drivers forgot that one day and the people at McDonalds were none too happy when he took out their drive-thru.  While that was bad, and we have him a hard time for quite a while, it is nothing compared to what this driver must be getting. 



  1. if he survived. That fell right on the cab!!!

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