Posted by: Chris Sandel | July 30, 2008

Big Snake

I’ve seen a number of different things about snakes online lately.  The Art of Manliness blog recently published the complete guide to snakes so if you’re looking to feel a little more manly check it out to find out some basics about some crazy poisonous snakes and what to do if you run into them.

The coolest thing I saw was this video of a crazy long snake.  It is really short but just seeing the camera man pan across the whole thing is a sight to see.  



  1. CHRIS SANDEL!!! I watched this at work and I jumped and vocally gasped at the end! A little warning would have been nice!

  2. A little warning would have defeated the point. It totally got me too though.

  3. Yea for me for not watching until reading comments. So, from the comments, I’m thinking this is definatly not a good thing to watch.

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