Posted by: Chris Sandel | July 28, 2008

What’s In A Name?

Names may be a focus for me over the next few months so this may just be the first of a series in a series of name posts.  This story has been going around over the last few days and it is hitting home a little more than it might have a few months ago.  Melissa and I haven’t talked too much about names yet but I guess we can now rule out “Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii.”  The article lists a few other odd names that people have been cursed with or that were rejected.  As I read them I can’t help be be reminded of the tips that the baby name book we looked at gave.  One suggestion that they gave was to think through special places to you and your wife like where you met, where you went on your honeymoon or where your child was conceived.  I guess that might help explain “Number 16 Bus Shelter” (from the article) but I think that just makes it even more creepy.

I’d love to hear about some of the funny names you’ve heard.  What is the funniest or most unfortunate name that you’ve ever heard?  Anyone you went to high school with?  Heard on the news?  Maybe even your own name?  At least that will help us eliminate a few of the thousands of possible choices.



  1. Well my old roomie did social work and was going to write a book of all the crazy names she had seen. One of her favs was “Atomic Victory”. I think that would go well with Sandel and is not exclusive to either sex.

    You can always fall back on the urban legend stories of “Fa-mal-ey” which is spelled differently: Female.

    Or the Texas heiresses named Ima and Eura Hogg.

    Kinda makes you grateful for whatever your parents gave you, RIGHT CHRISTOPHER!!!!!!

  2. I’m sad I didn’t get credit for sending you this story. In return, I will call your child “Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii Sandel” from now on.

  3. I saw that article! Funny and ridiculous. Some old TX politician named his daughter Ima Hog. Aki likes the name Ziggadude. I think you should do something fun with our last name.

  4. I think the best source for outrageous names has to be the Bible. I forget who’s first two kids were Uz and Buz. Honestly it is old testament and not hillbillies. Be aware that most OT names have several syllables and no one will be able to pronounce them properly but you won’t have to be bothered by people buying you those cute items that have your first name painted on them. When you yell out the name everybody in the stadium won’t turn around to answer them either.

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