Posted by: Chris Sandel | July 26, 2008

Watch Your Head

At 6’3 I’m a pretty tall guy.  There are a lot of benefits to being tall.  Playing basketball is a lot easier, I can reach pretty much anything and… well I guess that is pretty much it.

While there are a lot of good things about being tall, there are a few downsides.  Being tall, you quickly learn that every shower head is mounted about six feet up the wall (or less) meaning you have to learn some gymnastic moves to wash your hair.  Car and plane seats always seem to be made a little too small, we can get pretty clumsy during the Jr. High and High School years and, despite what you may have heard, the weather isn’t any different up here 

In reality I am glad that I’m tall.  All of the downsides really aren’t that bad.  The biggest downside really is that you’re more likely to hit your head on things.  The bathroom at my parents house had a door frame that is only about five feet, ten inches high so that one is particularly dangerous (hitting your nose on the top of a door frame is never pleasant.  I say all of that for really no reason at all.  I just wanted an excuse to use the following picture. 


  1. Chris,

    Sorry about deforming your nose on the bathroom door frame. I think you slept straight thru a year or two of your growth spurt. You paid a price for your extra inches.

    I only left some remarks because, like you, I really only wanted a chance to say how much I love that picture! It is one of my favorites,EVER!

    And thanks again for sharing your quirky finds intertwined with what goes on in your head with us. Have you made any connection yet with your head knocks and your way of reasoning? Just wondering…

    We love you!

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