Posted by: Chris Sandel | July 25, 2008

Consumerism – Babies and Bibles

Yesterday I wrote about my first visit to Babies”R”us.  I was amazed at the way you can slap a baby reference on anything and guilt new parents into thinking that they need something as crazy as nursery water. 

Last night I went to a Christian outlet store for a few minutes and I was reminded of another B word that you can slap onto anything to sell copies when I saw this:

Notice anything wrong with this picture?  I’ve seen a lot of special Bible books (Bible trivia, Bible jokes, Bible activities, etc), but what exactly is the process that you go through to turn a regular Sudoku book into Bible Sudoku?  Does that just mean you have lots of 7s and a few 666 combinations?  Whatever they did, they must have sold a lot since this is Volume 2 of Fun Bible Sudoku. 



  1. Yes! Bible clues! How much more fun can you get… I bet it’s like, the middle number for the 6th box is the number of tribes of Isreal minus the number of “wise men” who visited Jesus…

    so funny!

  2. (I hope you read the sarcasm and “geeky bible girl” tone in that last message)

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