Posted by: Chris Sandel | July 24, 2008

Baby Stores

So we went to our first baby store last.  Ah, the world of Babies”R”us.  I knew there would be a ridiculous amount of baby stuff and I wasn’t disappointed.  Apparently to have a baby in the modern world you need like three different beds (a crib, a small bed for in in the parents room, and a playpen which looks just like a crib to me), plus another table just for changing diapers.  You need three different types of car seats (for infants, toddlers and young children) and two different strollers (a primary one and a small travel one that is almost as expensive as the full size ones). 

Seeing all of that stuff was a little crazy but the funniest thing I saw was something called Nursery Water.  For thousands of years people have been having babies but apparently now babies need their own water.  This is “specially formulated for infants and toddlers” so we better get a big supply.  We’d hate to endanger our child with our purified refrigerator water, or heaven forbid, tap water.


  1. LOL (literally)! I love when people are first exposed to the consumeristic options available for infants. It’s a hoot 🙂

    Recommendations, however… (though from a non-parent, so take them with a grain of salt):

    I do highly recommend a pack and play, though… it’s great for when you go to visit family or friends overnight… easier than taking a whole crib 🙂 Or having some sort of sleep place at both grandparent’s and anyone else’s house)…

    Changing tables make life easier on the parent, not the infant… it’s more comfortable than bending your back all over or being on the floor. HOWEVER, it’s unlikely that you’ll make it to the changing table every time you need to change her/him

    One stroller… Come on… seriously… you can get one that’s large enough and still travels… unless you’re having quintuplets…

    You DO need different types of car seats… but your infant carseat you can generally get packaged in with the stroller… and now they have these wonderful 5-point car seats with out an over the lap section that can double as a toddler seat AND a booster seat… so then you only need 1 1/2 (the 1/2 being a part of the stroller)…

    And nursery water… oh, nursery water, what can we say about you? infant consumerism at its best 🙂

  2. Melissa directed me to your blog so I could hear about your adventure last night!!

    I feel it is my duty as a breastfeeding counselor to assure you that if you don’t use formula, you don’t need nursery water!!

    Congratulations again!

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