Posted by: Chris Sandel | June 27, 2008

Rapture Insurance

Ok, so we’ve got life insurance, home insurance, diability insurance, renters insurance, fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, and mine subsidence insurance.  Ducks and lizards keep popping up on TV telling me that I need to get more insurance.  Of course, being ducks and lizards, they are obviously the first people I’d look to for all of my insurance needs.

There is now a brand new type of insurance that everybody needs.  Order your “Left Behind” insurance right now.  For only $40 a year you can have an email sent to the recipients of your choice with any last words you’d like to pass along in case of rapture.  You better order now, “Because ‘no one knows the day or hour.'”  (link via neatorama)


  1. […] Rapture <b>Insurance</b> […]

  2. Wow, can you believe how many things there are out there that vie for our resources!

    I do think I will pass on this. It doesn’t mesh with my end times theology AND I WOULD HOPE THAT MY ABSENCE WOULD BE NOTICED!!! How about you?

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