Posted by: Chris Sandel | June 15, 2008

Dog Swept Up

Maybe you’ve already seen this because it popped up in my headlines from CNN today.  If not, it is just bizarre.  Apparently a dog owner in the Bronx was just getting finished walking his two dogs and was getting into his car when all of the sudden he felt a jerk on one of their leashes as a street sweeping truck zoomed by.  Apparently it sucked up one of the dogs and didn’t even notice.  The owner had to chase the truck for several blocks before he could flag it down and when the stopped they discovered that the dog had been killed. 

I’ve stated here before that I’m not a big pet person.  If I’m going to spend time, energy and resources on a living creature it is going to be human.  I have also made jokes about pets at times but, while the ingredients of this story sound humorous (just picturing a street sweeper in my mind is kind of funny for some reason), it is really actually quite sad.  I don’t really get as attached to animals as a lot of people I know but I know something like this would be traumatic even for me.  When I think back to the couple of times I’ve been to New York and the way I saw some people caring for their dogs there I’m sure this must have been especially terrible for this man. 

As I think about this, I can’t help but be reminded of another tragic (yet vaguely humorous) story of pet suction from my childhood.  There are two stories involving my brother and pet gerbils.  The first centers on a tragic day when he decided to let one of them run around in his shirt only to fall over because he was laughing so much.  Chris’ advice of the day… it is never a good idea to fall down with a gerbil in your shirt.  The gerbil didn’t do much running after that.  The other story is actually sadly similar to this one, but on a smaller scale.  Unless I’m mistaken, we also a little mishap with a gerbil and a vacuum hose.  Again, not much running from the gerbil after that.  I never thought about it before but I guess we had our own little Gerbil House of Horrors growing up at the Sandel home. 


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