Posted by: Chris Sandel | June 13, 2008

New Airline

With rising gas prices and the struggles of some of the major airlines, this new airline is trying something a little different.  It was started by a guy named Dick Derrie from a tiny town in Missouri and they’re going on on a limb to try something totally different.  They are charging passengers by the pound as if were UPS or some kind of freight plane.  Since my metabolism hasn’t really slowed down since high school this could be a good deal for me.  They claim that if you can keep your weight below 200 pounds (luggage and person) you can save up to 60% on fares.  I particually love their motto.  “Pack Less.  Weigh Less.  Pay Less.”

Just in case anyone wondered if I didn’t know…yes, this is obviously a fake airline.  Still kind of funny though. 



  1. I personally like the guys name. Its almost inappropriate.
    Personally I think if his name was Harry that would be a riot.

  2. I think this is a remarkable advertising study. And, the simple fact that you, and I imagine others, are blogging about it, should go to prove to Philadelphia Media Holdings that they are effectively marketing to a web-audience as well as sparking conversation.

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