Posted by: Chris Sandel | June 12, 2008

Women’s Shoes

Since I know people rely on this blog for all of the latest in fashion advice, I couldn’t help but pass this along.  Melissa and I have been doing some traveling lately and while we were gone my mom sent me a link to this.   This idea struck me a kind of funny but useful.  When I travel I usually take one pair of shoes.  At most, I take a pair of sandals to go along with some tennis shoes.  Girls though always seem to need more.  Melissa doesn’t usually take that too far but some girls seem to need several pairs a day, one for every outfit.  Apparently with these shoes you just bring one pair and slip on a different top for every style.  (I’m not sure what occasion or outfit the starfish shell style will fit for but I am certain it won’t ever work with something I’m wearing.  That and the fact that they are women’s and they have heals which would make me like 6’7″.)


  1. I love this idea! Too bad they don’t look that comfortable 😦

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