Posted by: Chris Sandel | June 10, 2008

Golf Toys

I have tried golf and I still play once or twice a year.  I can  usually make in through 10 or 11 holes before I’m tired of it.  I like being out in nature and I like competing but I have a hard time paying $20+ to walk around outside.  It is just too expensive of a hobby for me.  I’m perfectly content to sit inside and surf the web or go outside and do yard work.  (Note that both of those are free.)

My dad was really into golf a few years back and he combined that with the discovery of ebay to fuel his obsession.  He had all kinds of little golf toys from things to help your swing to funky clubs for every situation.  His obsession for golf has faded (and moved to collecting DVDs…he has several thousand with a huge computer database and shelves in multiple rooms) but I recently saw a golf club that reminded me of his former hobby.  I’m not positive, but I don’t think he ever had this club.  It is called the Golf Club Urinal.



  1. No comment!

    (Father’s Day is Sunday…)


  2. Ha ha! Nice comment. Well said.

  3. oh, this is just funny. Not okay. But funny.

    (and I don’t think you can technically call surfing the web free… I know I can’t do that for free…)

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