Posted by: Chris Sandel | June 6, 2008

Historic Boston

Yesterday was a jam packed, crazy, never-know-what-will-happen-next kind of day. Today was a little more relaxed and normal. We stayed in a little later this morning. At about 10:30 we rode the subway into town. The theme for the day was the American Revolution. We visited Old North Church, Paul Revere’s Home, the Old State Capitol, which was the site of the Boston Massacre, and the cemeteries where Samuel Adams and Paul Revere are buried. Below is a picture of Melissa and I outside of the Old City Hall which now houses, among other things, a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. (It was weird to walk up to a historic building and see a sign for a steakhouse inside part of it. I wonder how they pulled off that location.)

After our numerous Revolutionary War stops during the day, we decided to drive the thirty miles down to Plymouth Rock and have dinner along the ocean. It seems ridiculous to say, but we weren’t able to see Plymouth Rock because the Rock was under construction. Apparently it is on a big platform by the ocean and the platform needed repairs so all we saw was scaffolding. But we weren’t too disappointed. After all, it is just a rock. Just thinking about that being the place where the Mayflower landed was pretty cool though. We had some good shrimp at a local restaurant on the water and now we’re enjoying a few hours of down time in the room. Tomorrow we are off to Niagara Falls!



  1. Sounds like a fun day! I hope you said the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere poem. (And M – your hair looks great in the first picture!)

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