Posted by: Chris Sandel | June 5, 2008

The Sandels Go to Boston

Wow, what a crazy day we had in Boston. We just kept on stumbling upon fun and interesting things.

Things started off normal enough. We got started a tad later than expected and had trouble finding the JFK Library and Museum with Mobile Google Maps (which is becoming less and less of a benefit the longer we’re on the trip). Once we did find it we spent a couple of hours there walking through the life of our youngest president. I thought it was pretty neat but Melissa especially liked it. While I was fixated on Michael Jordan as a child, Melissa, in all of her dorky glory, was fascinated by JFK. She has all kinds of old magazines and collectables about him. I think I still like our Lincoln presidential museum better but it was tough to beat the view through the huge glass structure that looks out onto the harbor.

After that we grabbed lunch at Chili’s and found a subway station to park at and rode into town to Harvard. When we got there we started seeing all kinds of people wearing graduation stuff and when we crossed the street and went into Harvard Yard we realized that today was graduation day. They had giant screens set up in different sections between buildings to use as overflow seating. We thought it was kind of cool just to be at Harvard graduation and to see the old men in top hats and think about all of the smart people who’d gone through graduation there. We listened to the school president for a couple minutes as we walked around and then she started making jokes about Harry Potter. I thought that was kind of odd seeing as the audience is a bunch of intellectuals but as she continued talking it became apparent that the graduation speaker was none other than JK Rowling! That certainly piqued our interest so we walked around a little more and finally found a way to sneak through a building and get into the ticketed section of graduation. That is the first, and probably the last, time that I’ll ever sneak into a graduation because I actually want to listen to a speaker. Once the president finally got done talking, Rowling got up and gave probably the best graduation speech I’ve ever heard. It was engaging, challenging and fun to listen to. Once she finished we had to get going because last week I ordered a couple tickets to a Rex Sox game to surprise Melissa. She really wanted to go to Fenway but we hadn’t been able to find affordable tickets before.

Fenway was super cool. It is a really old ballpark so they’ve actually taken over the streets next to it and once you’re in you can walk around on the streets. As we walked along we saw that they were interviewing another ultra-famous author, Steven King, for their local pre-game show. We hung around for a couple of minutes and watched as he went off to enjoy the game. It was pretty crazy being within 300 feet of JK Rowling and within 3 feet of Steven King all within the course of an hour.

Things didn’t slow down once the game started. Within the first three innings we had a two-run homer by Manny Ramirez over the green monster and a huge bench clearing brawl that led to three ejections and I’m sure some suspensions to come.

It started off a little rough but it turned into a really, really cool day. We ended up leaving the game early to try to get back and see Boston play game one of the NBA Finals versus the Lakers. That game is actually being played in Boston as well. We ended up at Uno’s Pizza eating appetizers until close to midnight watching Boston bring home a win.

After all of that I joked to Melissa that is seemed like a children’s book. I couldn’t help but think of books like Curious George where he wanders around town and stumbles upon really cool things. So I hope you enjoyed the story of our day… The Sandels Go to Boston.



  1. How cool! I can’t believe you got to get that close to Stephen King!! I’m totally jealous. And to hear Rowling speak as well- what a neat day! 🙂

  2. yes, this is me being jealous for about the millionth time 😉 That sounds like such a cool day you guys. I’m glad you got to experience it!

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