Posted by: Chris Sandel | June 4, 2008

Office Life: A Day in Scranton

We were planning to drive from Philly to Boston today but we thought it would be fun to go a little out of our way to see the sites in Scranton, PA, fictional home of Dunder-Mifflin and The Office. It was kind of a crazy day. It was kind of weird going to Scranton because it was a regular town and it wasn’t obsessed with The Office. There were a few nods to the terrific show but we had to search out all of the places mentioned on the show on our own (Google Maps on my phone was a godsend). Below you’ll find a few of the places that we saw that were mentioned, one way or another, on the show.

We actually didn’t see as much Office stuff as we would have thought. There is definitely a split among the people. I think some like the attention but others feel like it makes a joke of their town. This was the main thing we saw, a large sign/backdrop in the mall food court. It was great for taking pictures.

Here is the real life food court in the Steamtown Mall. It was actually a really nice mall. In Season 3, Episode 21, “Women’s Appreciation,” Michael takes that ladies to the mall to chat about ladies issues and they end up giving him relationship advice. To say thanks he takes them to Victoria Secret. I decided against posting a picture of Victoria Secret (and thought it would be kind of creepy taking pictures of the store).

This is Farley’s. I don’t believe they actually ever go there but it is one of the first places that was mentioned on the show. In the fifth episode of season one (the basketball game), Darrell said that the winner of the game should buy dinner at Farley’s.

This was really fun to see. We used Google Maps on my phone to find Poor Richard’s. It is a bar where the gang from The Office often goes after work. When we got there all we saw was this bowling alley. Nothing about Poor Richard’s. We went inside and saw this little sign. They were closed but a man saw us take a picture and he invited us in (he knew we were Office fans). He said they’ve gotten a kick out of being featured on a show like that. Surprisingly, they really haven’t seen an increase in business. They do get a lot of guests stopping in to see the place though and they’ve got some awesome T-shirts. In season two, episode five, “Halloween,” they mention the bar and Jim invites Pam, and then Roy, to join the others there after work. In season 3, episode 17, “Cocktails,” they actually show the bar (not actually shot at this bar) and Pam’s boyfriend Roy finds out that Pam kissed Jim and goes into a fit breaking things. While we were there we talked to a bartender named Roy who let us in and talked to us for a while. Thankfully, this Roy didn’t start throwing and breaking things during our time together.

This is a Cooper’s, a restaurant that some of the people suggest that visit on several occasions in episodes of The Office.

I remember this reference vividly but Melissa tells me that it is an obscure one. In one of the earlier episodes, Michael is looking for a surprise to give his employees. He visits a travel agent looking for some free vacation ideas from them. When he hits a dead end there he calls up the coal mine and asks about their “ride.” The explain that it is just a slow elevator that goes down into a mine. We went by and thought about going down but it was a $8 to spend an hour in a dark hole and we needed to get going to we decided to go. Later on I shut my eyes for an hour to get the same experience for free. I’d have to agree with the sign… it was the most amazing hour I could spend in Pennsylvania.

This had to be the highlight of our time in Scranton. We just stumbled upon this as we were looking for Poor Richard’s (it is in a strip mall right next to it) and got a huge kick out of it. In season 4, episode 3, “Launch Party,” there is a major debate over both the “quality and overall taste” of Alfredo’s Pizza Café and Pizza by Alfredo. For all we could tell, Pizza by Alfredo is made up but (though there is a spoof website), as was expressed in the episode, Alfredo’s Pizza Café was very good. The prices were good and the food tasted great. It was trippy actually eating there.

We had some trouble finding our way around as we looked for such obscure places but overall, we had a great time in Scranton, PA.



  1. “I shut my eyes for an hour to get the same experience for free. I’d have to agree with the sign… it was the most amazing hour I could spend in Pennsylvania.”

    I can’t quit laughing, want to send that as a line for someone on THE OFFICE for next season?

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