Posted by: Chris Sandel | June 3, 2008


Up until just a few days ago we really hadn’t planned much for our trip.  We had a basic route mapped out to travel through Philadelphia, Boston and Niagara Falls but we hadn’t done much more than that.  So a few days ago we jumped online and booked some hotels.  Two of the hotels we got, we reserved through Priceline.  The way it works is that you give it a quality level of hotel (number of stars) and an area of town.  Then you name the price you’re willing to pay for a room.  In Philadelphia, we ended up with a room at a Hilton Garden Inn.  We’ve never stayed in one but it was right downtown so we thought it would work well. 

When we arrived last night, we certainly weren’t disappointed.  At this location (at at the cheap price we’re paying) we would have been great with any old room.  We’ve definitely got more that that though.  We’ve got a two room suite.  Each room has a big plasma screen (and even better, you can hook up your own technology to it so we can watch DVDs!) and there is even a microwave/fridge.  Beyond all that, since it is a nicer hotel, we were afraid we might have to pay for internet (it is funny how the nicer the hotel is, the more often you have to pay for wi-fi) but it is free too! 

So our two night stay in Philly will be in style.


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