Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 26, 2008

Brad’s Deals

Some friends of ours, Brad and Elizabeth, were in town this weekend for a wedding shower.  We’ve known them since college and we’re pretty close to them (at least considering they live several hours away).  Brad was my roommate for my first two years of college and we became really good friends.  As you can see below, he is also a fellow die hard Illini fan. 

Side note: During our sophomore year we lived at the Christian Campus House in what was called the “2 man” which means it was just Brad and I in the room.  That year our number one project (maybe even above school work) was decorating our room with an Illini theme.  We didn’t have tons of money but I managed to get an orange chair and love seat from a friend of mine from High School and we started cutting newspaper clippings at the beginning of the year to use as decorations.  Pretty much any Illini basketball or football picture made it on our wall.  By the end of the year literally every inch of our walls was covered from floor to ceiling.  It was quite impressive if I do say so myself.  (Actually it probably looked more like the room of a stalker but I still think it was impressive.)

Anyway, while they were here Brad showed me a cool site that could be a real moneysaver if I take advantage of it.  Ironically, it is  It is basically a compilation of all of the best deals and coupons available on the web.  They’ve got lots of big stores and restaurants listed.  I think we may even use a coupon for Lowes tomorrow to get some landscaping stuff.  Thanks for the tip Brad!


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