Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 24, 2008

My Breath

I was watching Man vs. Wild last night and this time he was stranded on an island pretending to fight for survival.  To find food, he went free diving (no gear, just holding your breath) and, because I’m a weird guy, I got to thinking.  How long could I hold my breath?

I don’t ever remember timing myself but I’ve always been pretty good.  I outlasted all of the kids last year in the contest that we had at the 8th grader’s pool party and I always seem to be able to hold my breath when we’re traveling through tunnels.  (That is normal right…doesn’t everyone do that?)

Anyway, I took a few deep breathes and started timing myself.  I think I did pretty darn good.  I tried it again this morning and significantly beat my time from last night. 

Before I say how long I held my breath for I’m interested to know what normal is.  So my question for you is,  How long can you hold your breath? (Here is a handy, dandy breath timer.)

Try it yourself first and then highlight the text below to see my results.

Last night I managed 2:20 which I thought was great.  Before I posted this morning I tried one more time on a fluke and managed 3 minutes and 5 seconds!  I think I may have discovered one of my spiritual gifts.

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