Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 23, 2008

Britan’s Got Talent – Phone Salesman

I’ve never really gotten into most of the performing shows.  In my life I’ve only ever seen maybe 90 minutes of American Idol (mostly early, really bad auditions).  I think the dancing shows just do well because women like dancing and men like watching women dance around in skimpy clothes.  The only performing show I’ve watched much of is America’s God Talent and that is mostly because it is more about weird and goofey acts than it is about just singing or dancing.  One thing that remains a constant through almost everyone on those shows though is that nearly everyone on the stage thinks that they are great and that they should win.  Now I’m not saying that is all bad.  You should have confidence.  But there is something refreshing about seeing someone come on stage with some humility and then blowing the roof off the place.

There must just be something different about people in the UK because I’ve only seen a couple of clips ever from the show Britan’s Got Talent and they are both of amazing singers who you’d think just wondered in off the street.  This all time classic is of Paul Potts, a cell phone salesman who always dreamed of singing.  Well he got his chance and it certainly didn’t turn out the way most people who saw him would have expected!



  1. […] year I posted about an unassuming cell phone salesman who blew the doors off of the competition.  Now there is a new woman sweeping through the show.  […]

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