Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 22, 2008

Gas is Cheap…Who Am I Kidding?

First of all let me apologize for my earlier post.  I thought maybe highlighting some of that would ease my transition into paying ridiculously high prices for gas.  I was wrong.  If you happened to click the links in the previous post and read further, you saw that while we have the 45th cheapest gas, we are WAY behind the international leaders.  Not surprisingly, Iran, Lybia and Saudi Arabia all pay between $.40-.50 per gallon.  That seems crazy enough but it is nothing compared to the $.12 that they are paying in Venezuela!!! That means I could fill up our Hondaor get one thing from the McDonald’s value menu.  It would almost be worth it to drive down to Venezuela everything I need to fill up.

Instead of well thought out arguments for why high gas prices are good, let’s just enjoy laughing together and feeling sorry for ourselves. 

(Thanks for the great cartoon links)


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