Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 22, 2008

Gas is Cheap

Ok, so I’ve been saving this post for a while now because I knew I’d need something to make me feel better when the inevitable came about.  Yesterday, for the first time, I spent over $4 per gallon on gasoline.  I wasn’t about to fill up at $4.06 per gallon (futilely hoping it will go down again) so I only got a few gallons, but still, it was not a fun experience. 

To make myself feel better, I want to share a few reasons why gas A) being expensive is good and B) really isn’t that expensive. 

First of all, CNN reminds us that high prices are actually a good thing.  It is going to take something drastic to force us out of our dependence on oil and perhaps doubling the price of a barrel of oil over an 18 month period will shock us out of our peaceful, smog filled, slumber.

If you’re not buying the “gouge us on gas to save the world” argument, maybe this will help.  A recent Yahoo! Finance article explained that we actually have cheap gas in America.  Apparently, of 155 countries surveyed, our gas prices are actually 45th cheapest.  The average price across Europe is over $8 per gallon.  The worst place to buy gas is Bosnia where they are paying almost $11 per gallon.

So instead of cringing everytime you pass a gas station these day, you can actually breathe a sigh of relief because we’re managing to get a deal on gasoline and save the world at the same time!

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