Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 20, 2008

Donut Prank

A weird, but cool, collection that I visit occasionally is a huge collection of pranks and hoaxes and has been turned into a website.  I recently saw a post there that was actually from our local paper, the State Journal Register.  It tells an incredible story of a prank feud between two local Chatham Jr. High teachers that has stretched over four decades.  Apparently there was some donut thievery years ago and one teacher found out that another had stolen her donut.  She bought a donut for the thief.  But he had already eaten a donut so he didn’t really need it.  So he saved it and gave it back to her at Christmas.  From that point they continued to give the old donut back and forth in every sneakier ways.  Now, 37 years later, he has the old donut in the freezer and he is plotting how to give the donut back to is 93 year old friend who is now living in a retirement home. 

It is fun to see the locals being recognized aroun the world for their pranks.


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