Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 20, 2008


I am not a huge collector of things but I have had a few collections over the years:

5. Leaves – not much of a collection.  Just a mandatory 7th grade project.
4. Rocks – I had one little box and a toy rock polisher in 4th grade.
3. Antique Cameras – Not too bad.  I’ve got about 20.  Mostly from eBay.
2. Sports Cards – A serious obsession in Jr. High and I actually had lots of paper route money.  I’ve still got cases and cases.  My favorites are my binder of Michael Jordan cards.
1. Mad Props – Being the superior human being (and humble) that I am, I get these all of the time so I have quite a collection at this point.  😉

Nothing too odd or crazy about my collections.  However, there are some people much stranger than me who have come up with some pretty weird things to collect.  Neatorama recently put together a list of the 25 weirdest collections ever.  In the first few alone they’ve got naval fluff, barf bags and asphalt. 

Anyone else collect anything?  Any weirdos out there who should get added to the list?



  1. I don’t think I collect anything weird, but I do have collections.

    1. Tea Sets and Tea Pots
    2. Turtles
    3. Anything Disney Princess Related
    4. Dimes found or received at certain times throughout my life (Dimes are my favorite form of currency, I know I know strange)

  2. Wow…dimes. Coin collecting isn’t that weird but having a favorite form or currency probably qualifies as weird. Welcome to the club!

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