Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 19, 2008

Family Vacation: Story/Poetry Game

Some of you who have played games with us before know that we occasionally play a game we refer to as the story game.  Basically, everyone has a piece of paper and you each write a story one line at a time but you have to pass them around the circle and you only get to read the one line preceding yours.  It makes for some pretty random and funny stories sometimes.  Growing up, my family played a variation of this that we called Gestalt Poetry.  It is similar in concept but instead of writing whole lines we could only write one or two words so it ended up sounding more like poetry.

On our Sandel family trip last weekend the main game we played during our short time together was this one.  We did one round of stories and one of poetry and they turned out some funny results (at least they were funny to us).  A few of my favorite quotes:

Red rubies bright against the night
Almost make me blind
But I like it.
Do you know what else I like?
I like big butts
And I cannot lie
About this, I cannot lie about that, I cannot
Lie about this or that.
Really I can’t
Wait for the man of my dreams
Because the woman always
Scares me.

Afterward they shared his
Pain, reversed his memories, and played games
With his neighbors
Across the fence.
But hiding behind a fence can only
Result in
Death by yellow snow.
The only death worse is
Tongues lashing wet, wild, with
Mad desire
And passion, like Abraham
Lincoln in the middle of
Lake Michigan.

Then she screamed, “Ah! You broke my
Heart, my arm and my handcuffs
, why
Do people do this to me!?

(That last one isn’t so funny on it’s own, but we all thought the underlined part sounded like it was pulled straight from a country song.  That was funny.)

And that is what I do with my family.


  1. It is much funnier if it is read out loud by a person desperate to make sense of it–

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