Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 18, 2008

Melissa on “Chris’ Blog”

My wife Melissa is thinking about starting a blog.  When she does I’ll let you all know but as she ponders joining the club, I am reminded of a couple of funny things she has said about my blogging obsession hobby over the last few weeks. 

  • Upon scanning through my blog: “this actually makes you look cool.”  I’m not sure how to take that but I don’t think it implies good things.
  • Before heading off to get ready for bed: “I’ll leave you to your heathen things (a.k.a. blog).”  As soon as she become a blogger I’ll no longer be a heathen.  Yeah!  (Though I’m sure I’ll figure out some other weird “heathen” habit that she won’t understand.  Maybe I’ll join a curling team.  I can sweep a broom with the best of them.)

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