Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 18, 2008

Family Vacation: Modern Art

We went to the Indianapolis Musum of Art on Friday.  The first two floors are normal art.  Paintings of old people, etc (nice and all, but not that interesting).  The third floor though was the most fun.  It is the contemporary art section.  Sometimes the pieces barely pass for art but it is fun because you can either laugh and make fun of them or you really like them.  There usually isn’t much in between. 

One of the most fun pieces was a large glass floor held up by thousands of tiny plastic people.  They actually let you walk up on it.  It probably represents the oppression of the 3rd world by Westerners or something like that.  It is actually pretty deep when you think about it.  After staring contemplatively at it for a minute thinking about deep things I snapped out of it.  I then decided to hop up on it and I thought I’d become a part of the art.  Since all of the plastic people were pushing up with all their might, I decided to push down just like them…so I did a headstand.  How many of you can say you’ve done a headstand on top of a piece of contemporary art in the middle of a museum exhibit? 

Thats what I do with my family.




  1. I am glad that Chris blogged this since I didn’t get the meaning at all. There were so many truly odd things on the 3rd floor that I just assumed someone had scammed the museum or some patron.
    Now as I think about it I love it. I really treasure the pictures of Chris and Andi being held up by the many people groups of the world—An image of prayer perhaps?


  2. I love that museum! Did you see the exhibit that is basically a hole in the wall? Its really creepy, because you can stick your hand in it and it disappears. Did you see it? Did it weird you out?

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