Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 17, 2008

Family Vacation

Melissa and I are actually on vacation with my family right now.  We had to plan 3-4 months ahead of time to make it work for everyone’s schedules but we managed to get 36 hours away together with the Sandel family.  Nothing too exciting, we just headed over to Indianapolis to eat good food and play a few games together.  It has been a relatively peaceful trip (considering my family) and we’ve enjoyed ourselves.  I may share more later but there have been several humorous things throughout the day so I thought I’d share at least one with you before I get back.

On our way into town we went by the Indianapolis 500 track and everything around it was named for something to do with racing.  There was a bar with a big race car suspended 50 feet in the air.  We passed things called Speedway Bar & Grill, Speedway Souvenirs and, I kid you not, Speedway Church of the Nazarene.  I wasn’t sure people would believe me (my own family didn’t even believe me) so I looked it up to prove it.  There is a listing for it at  (Side note – as soon as that popped up in google I busted up.  Instead of “get to church” I read it as “ghetto church.”  For a minute I was wondering exactly what kind of church the Speedway Nazarenes were.)

Lots more fun has been had.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to share a little more when I get back.



  1. LOL I’m laffing so hard it hurts right now…i read ghetto church too :o)

  2. Well, speaking as one of Chris’ “relatively peaceful” family, I think he inherited either poor scanning skills or pore spellin from his mom because I also read it as “ghetto church” even though I already knew the story since I was there and was (unlike my husband most of the time) actually listening when Chris exclaimed about the odd church name. (I really did believe him at the time but insisted I didn’t just to rev him up, he is way too calm/cool.)

    Insiders tip:
    Chris and Melissa are lots of fun away from Church.


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