Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 16, 2008

Cheese Racing

As grilling season fast approaches, I’ve discovered a fun new game that is spreading like wild fire (at least in the redneck states).  It is called cheese racingand it is pretty simple.  Apparently when you throw a still-wrapped slice of processed cheese on a grill it doesn’t behave the way one might think.  Rather than melting gooey plastic cheddar sauce all over your grill it actually maintains it seal.  I guess the people at Kraft use some super strength plastic and some grossly processed cheese and instead of melting the cheese boils inside the wrapper and the packaging fills up with air like a balloon. 

A while back some people who were most definitely under the influence of something discovered this and turned it into a game.  Not much skill is needed.  You and a competitor simply throw your slices on and wait to see whose slice of cheese boils and fills up with air first.  It sounds like a blast doesn’t it?  You can check out more and even see some video of drunk rednecks playing if you want at  barbe-ques at the Sandel house will never be the same.


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