Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 12, 2008

Things Have Changed

Yesterday Melissa and I headed over to Champaign-Urbana to spend some time with our mothers.  We had a great time with both of our families.  We ended up going to see What Happens in Vegas and hitting a Chinese buffet with Melissa’s mom Jan. 

Before that we spent a little while with my family and we had a fun interaction that I thought I’d share with everyone.  We were sitting around talking and somehow an old cassette karaoke machine appeared.  The only songs the tape has are Danny Boy and America the Beautiful and my parents (my dad especially) really wanted to sing so my sister hit play and we all ended up sitting around, singing Danny Boy.  When I say we “all” sang I mean that my brother was sitting with his head down, Melissa and my sister where smiling and I sang a little while my parents belted it out.  I’m sure it would have been amusing to walk in on but it was fun.

Afterward, my dad made a comment that I couldn’t resist sharing.  He was talking about the way that people used to sing all of the time and how it has become much less common.  Then, he went on to say that there are three things that people don’t really seem to do anymore:

  1. Sing together
  2. Wear underwear
  3. Shower after gym class

Now I don’t know about you, but one of those stands out to me.  I thought I was pretty current on the latest trends but seriously, did I miss a memo saying that we shouldn’t wear underwear anymore?  I totally get the decrease in singing and I’m certainly on the anti-gym shower bandwagon.  But call me old fashion, I still firmly believe in the institution of underwear.  Freedom of choice is good, boxers or briefs, Hanes or Fruit of the Loom, just be sure you DO make a choice.  Abstinence does not apply to your choice of underwear.  Two out of three aint bad Dad.

So now you know what an average Mother’s Day is like at the Sandel home.  I can’t wait until next year!

(In all fairness, I’m pretty sure Dad was talking about people wearing boxers a lot more now, but I couldn’t let that quote go.  For a little added fun, enjoy this picture of my and some of my great superhero undies.)



  1. Wow … you are brave. I would NEVER post a picture like that.

    Maybe the reference to not wearing underwear was mostly referring to women? There is a trend in young women to not wear underwear, or wear really, really tiny underwear. Women are always worrying about their underwear showing, so many just opt out.

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