Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 8, 2008

Map of Springfield…Kinda

So when I first saw the link to high up a list of popular sites I thought to myself, “hey, Springfield is finally making a name for itself with something cool!”  I guess I should have known better.  I’m only a moderate to below average fan of The Simpsons but this must represent countless hours of work.  Someone has put together a map of all of the locations throughout Springfield, the land of the Simpsons. 

Since this will likely be my only post ever about the Simpsons, I figure I’ll include this fun video.  It is a compilation of every opening scence, when the run into their living room, that they’ve ever aired.  After 19 seasons and over 400 episodes you really have to be a fan to watch the whole thing but it is a pretty neat compilation. 

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