Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 8, 2008

IQ Test

I’ve been curious about IQ tests for a long time.  They always seem to be this random number that gets thrown out to try to impress people.  But I’ve heard a lot more recently about how they are very biased and aren’t a great way of measuring intelligence.  So since they are not longer really valid, I figured an IQ test would fit right in with all of your other standard internet tests that you see out there.  I hoped on to and spent a few minutes one afternoon discovering my IQ.  I was pleased to find out that I have an IQ of 137.  According to this other site, a score above 135 puts me in the 99th percentile.  My score must be accurate though, considering I got my score from what I’m sure must be a very reputable internet site.  Just because they would like me to buy a full breakdown of all of the details of my amazing score doesn’t mean that they would in any way try to skew my score.  Of course not!  I really think they’re just being honest when they tell me that I am better than just about everyone else on the planet.  I always though that was the case…but I guess I now KNOW that it is true.

As much as I mock the process, the test really wasn’t that bad.  It took about 10-15 minutes (there is a time limit) and some of the questions were kind of fun.  If any of you have ever wondered what a free internet site would say your IQ is, feel free to check it out.  (At the end you do have to give them an email address for them to send your score but you don’t have to buy any of their junk.)


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