Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 7, 2008

Fun with Google

My friend Bethany recently posted about her love of the internet.  In it she shared a story about how Google recently bailer her out of a jam.  Google has long been a phenominon.  It is a multi, multi billion dollar company.  It is the most visited website in the United States.  It has even been added to the dictionary as a verb. But Bethany’s post got me thinking about a fun blog post I saw a while back.

But Google isn’t all business.  This cool blog post highlights 55 ways to have fun with Google.  I still haven’t had time to look through them all but there is some really cool stuff in there.  Some of the best I’ve seen so far:

  • #2 – Google Snake Game – this would make a fun party sometime.  Everyone bring your laptop!  We can watch YouTube videos and play 5 Clicks to Jesus too. 
  • #5 – Google Image Quiz – in this fun game you get three shots at identifying the search word by looking at a few pictures.  It is kind of fun.  My top score was 300.
  • #15 – Googlewhacking – simply put, a googlewhack is a two word combination that results in exactly one hit.  Some examples: rejectivist shoreline and motherless crudiness.
  • #37 – Googlefighting – I’d seen a site dedicated to this before and it can be fun.  Some fun ones to try, pen vs. sword, god vs. satan, hillary clinton vs. barak obama.

Anybody know of any other fun stuff to do?  I’m up for an internet party anytime! 



  1. I still have no idea how I became the go-to link for “Five Clicks To Jesus.” I’m going to try these Google games instead 😉

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