Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 6, 2008

Would You Rather?

So everyday I get sent a new “would you rather” question on my personal yahoo page.  Sometimes they are fun, sometimes they are dumb, but today’s was a particularly easy one for me, though I know there may be some debate from others.  Today’s question, “Would you rather sing everything that you ever said or always speak in rhyme?”

My aversion to musicals is well known, so constant singing I would postpone.  Though it would sometimes make for unfortunate timing, I’m afraid I would alway, always choose the rhyming. (Anybody want a peanut?)

What about you?  Are you a singer or a would you bust our the mad rhymes?

Also, just for fun, check out the Food Court Musical (if you haven’t already seen it).  It almost makes me want to sing.  (But just almost.)



  1. uh, singing… no doubt… rhyming is NOT my favorite thing in the world. I even tend to shy away from it in my writing…

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