Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 5, 2008

Wrong Cards

I am not a big greeting card guy.  In general, I figure if you want to spend a couple of buck on me, I’d rather have something I can use.  Of course, there are a few cards that are special (i.e. 10,000th day cards) but those are few and far between.  The cards at though are right up my alley.  I’ve you’ve ever played Apples to Apples with me you know that I tend to go for the off the wall, twisted or ironic answers.  That is exactly what these cards are.  There are all kinds of fun cards, and quite a few that are over the line, but it deserves a look if you’ve got someone weird like me to send a card to.  They have the usual categories like birthdays, anniversaries and get well cards but they also have a section on Scientology and “if zombies take over”.  And if that wasn’t enough, they are all free!

Here is an apology card I got a kick out of…

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